Andy Mkosi’s DMs Are Dry, So She Made An EP About It

Andy Mkosi’s DMs Are Dry, So She Made An EP About It

Listen to Andy Mkosi's new EP Dry In The DMs.

Cape Town rapper Andy Mkosi clearly has relationship issues. In her previous projects, she has touched on just how tricky and awkward her interactions with women have been. Her previous EP, NdineFeelings, revolved around the same subject.

Now based in Philadelphia, things still refuse to pop for Mkosi. It doesn't go down in her DMs, so she decided to name her latest EP after that misfortune.

But Dry In The DMs is more than just about getting blue-ticked and awkward interactions with her crushes. She kicks off the EP with the song "Untitled" in which, among other things, she muses about being an artist in Cape Town and the difficulty of navigating the art space in the city.

The song "Opulence, Tu" sees her voicing out her opinions about her impatience to get financial freedom, while on "Baby, VN Me Please," she weaves some social commentary into steamy rhymes.

On the tongue-in-cheek "Dry In The DM," she raps, "Get more texts from fellow rappers than from fellow females/ Now lemme break this down in detail/ It's dry in my DMs/ WhatsApps and emails/ No nudes on my feeds/ Is this karma, am I paying for my deeds?"

On the song "Sunshine," the rapper trades verses with New York City-based, Cape Town-born poet Lee Mokobe about their relationship with their respective crafts.

in Dry In The DMs, Andy Mkosi is sounding better than she has before, with coherent verses, conviction in her delivery, and some impressive writing.

Production-wise, she sticks to her guns–she raps over mellow instrumentals that are inspired by the golden era, courtesy of producers she has worked with before: Mokhele Ntho and Arsenic. Psychedelic AK and Tembinkosi also provide some audio canvases for the rapper to paint her existential stories that will make you both chuckle and ponder.

Listen to Dry In The DM below, and download it here.

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