Audio: Alec Lomami “Kinshasa”

Audio: Alec Lomami “Kinshasa”

7 times out of 10 I give French rapping a good old fashioned American side-eye. Before I get battered with insults and baguettes, just know that I’m not proud of my cultural bias, and I’m trying to get over it. Luckily there are artists like Alec Lomami (a Congolese rapper currently based in North Carolina) who put my petty nationalist predilections in perspective. On “Kinshasa” Lomami has a dexterous flow that surfs over a captivatingly cathodic beat. The song is down right narcotic. Currently I’m lounging on a beanbag chair, listening to the song for the 15th time, and zoning out like a dead-head.

This is the first track I’ve heard from Alec Lomami, but I’m ready to start taking French lessons for his upcoming EP, Melancholie Joyeuse, coming soon... at the very least I’ll bust out the Babel Fish.

Kinshasa by Alec Lomami