Audio: Mr. Jambatani's Tsonga Disco

Hanyani Maluleke aka Mr. Jambatani is a producer/singer playing Tsonga disco — a genre that resembles slowed-down Shangaan electro which dedicated blog 27 Leggies describes as "a modernised version of the traditional music of the Tsonga people, who live mainly in the north eastern part of South Africa and southern Mozambique." Jambatani's infectious click constructions are massive, and arguably more accesible in comparison the lightning pace of Shangaan electro. Stream two Tsonga disco mixes below, compiled by Belgian DJ LeBlanc.


1. suduwell heleketa xixevo / Boti ready & Vatanyuma sisters

2. mixo munhandziwa / Nandzihisa ft Boti Ready

3. A Ku Swee Ebyalweni / Thomas Chauke

4. Muhisi Wa Ritshwa / Thomas Chauke

5. sanghoma / Snombhelani sisters

6. ava hlahluveli / Snombhelani sisters

7. ha mi navela / Snombhelani sisters

8. money maker / Nandzihisa ft Boti Ready

9. mbawula / Tshe tsha boys

10. vadyi va mali / Mayimele sisters

11. xiphongo / Mayimele sisters

12. waka-waka / Boti ready & Vatanyuma sisters

13. qolo / Tshe tsha boys

Photo by AMOS GUMULIRA / AFP) (Photo by AMOS GUMULIRA/AFP via Getty Images

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