Audio: Tasti 'Magic Carpet ft. IBK Spaceshipboi'

Lagos MC Tasti ushers over a sunny, off-kilter tune with "Magic Carpet." Despite the uplifting piano melody, Tasti and IBK Spaceshipboi tackle the rather somber subject of wanting to escape a harsh city reality. The track will be featured in Tasti's upcoming Jungle Book EP. Stream and grab "Magic Carpet" below, hear more of Tasti in his group Trip City alongside partner in crime Sukiyaki.

[audio:|titles="Magic Carpet ft. IBK Spaceshipboy" by Tasti]

Download: Tasti "Magic Carpet ft. IBK Spaceshipboi"


Boity's Hometown Takes Centre Stage In Her New Music Video

Boity has released the music video for her latest single 'O18's Finest' which features Maglera Doe Boy and Ginger Trill.

South African rapper Boity has finally shared the visuals for her latest single "018's Finest" featuring Maglera Doe Boy and Ginger Trill. The single comes off Boity's EP 4463, which dropped last December. Marked as a fan favourite "018's Finest" borrows from Boity's hometown dialing code. The 31-year-old rapper hails from Potchefstroom, affectionately known as Potch, a quaint town in South Africa's North West province. The music video highlights the lesser known aspects of hip-hop culture in the otherwise sleepy town.

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