Audio: Toxic Mindz 'Venda Culture' EP

Venda Culture is the debut 4-track EP from South African production duo Toxic Mindz. The tracks feature deep house explorations marked with heavy tribal percussion and, at their best, endlessly looped female vocals — as in highlights "Higher" and "Limpopo." Stream the entire EP below, and grab it from UK's AIIB Records. Lookout for Toxic MIndz' upcoming Kalahari.

News Brief

Cameroon's LGBT Community is Facing Increasing Persecution

A recent report by Human Rights Watch has highlighted, with tremendous concern, the increasing persecution being faced by the LGBT community in Cameroon.

There are significant concerns over human rights abuses in Cameroon, according to a report shared by Human Rights Watch (HRW). The campaign group has highlighted the rising persecution of members of the Cameroonian LGBT community which have been documented over the past few months. Security forces in the country have been accused of threatening, assaulting and arresting queer individuals.

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Toka Hlongwane’s Photo Series ‘Impilo ka Darkie’ Aims to Give an Insight Into Black South Africans’ Experiences

With his latest photo series, 'Impilo ka Darkie', South African photographer Toka Hlongwane offers an imperfect but compelling insight into the lives of the people he has encountered through his travels.