Okayafrica DC's Azonto Fiesta!

Don't miss out on #OkayafricaDC this coming Wednesday for an all-Ghanaian azonto dance party!

Happy independence Ghana! In the name of promoting the latest music and culture coming from Africa and the diaspora, Okayafrica continues it's wave of mind-wide parties in the nation's capital, Washington, DC. This coming Wednesday [March 13] DJ's UnderdogDrewCool and Senyo will grace the stage for Azonto Fiesta! Anything is fair game, but you will probably hear more kwaito, hiplife, kuduro, South African house, zouk, soukous, coupe decale and, of course Azonto! No pretentiousness, no commercial radio nonsense, and no drama. Learn more about Okayafrica Wednesdays by following our Facebook and Twitter. See all info in the flyer and watch a video of what it's like to partake in an #OKAYAFRICADC party below!