Clap! Clap! Debuts 'The Rainstick Fable' Off 'Tayi Bebba' LP

Clap! Clap! Debuts 'The Rainstick Fable' Off 'Tayi Bebba' LP

Italian global bass beatsmith Clap! Clap! debuts lead single 'The Rainstick Fable' from his forthcoming 'Tayi Bebba' LP

Italian jazz producer Clap! Clap!'s global bass stylings first grabbed our attention a few months back with Tambacounda EP, a unique fusion of African field recordings with futuristic synth work and drum programming. Now gearing up for the release of his debut LP Tayi Bebba, the jazz multi-instrumentalist born Cristiano Crisci gives us a taste of what to expect on the forthcoming release with "The Rainstick Fable," a fast paced banger injected with flavors of house, juke and footwork that utilizes Crisci's contemporary production alongside samples of traditional instruments like the titular rainstick and the mbira.

Touted as a highly conceptual work, each song on Tayi Bebba represents a unique location, event or ritual on an imaginary island. Purchase of the album includes a full island map as well as an in-depth story behind each track. Tayi Bebba arrives September 8th via eclectic UK bass label Black Acre. Until then, get a taste of Clap! Clap!'s hyperkinetic soundscapes by streaming 'The Rainstick Fable' below.

'Tayi Bebba' Tracklist

01 The Holy Cave

02 Ashiko

03 The Rainstick Fable

04 Kwasi The Sorcerer

05 Black Smokes, Bad Signs

06 Conqueror ( action / assault / conquest )

07 Conqueror ( consequences / memories )

08 Conqueror ( remorse / withdrawn )

09 Burbuka

10 Sahkii (Xirhuu)

11 Sahkii’s Elevation feat. DJ Khalab

12 Kwasi’s Storm (kyanumj) (tape dub)

13 Universal Modulator (kujhmak)

14 Sahkii’s Knowledge

15 Universal Modulator (ujmubuam)

16 Sailing In The Seas of Wood

17 Kuj Yato