Okayafrica Presents Electrafrique New York!

Okayafrica presents Electrafrique New York, Saturday, January 11th with Carlos Mena, DJ Underdog, and DJ Cortega.

New York! Okayafrica and Electrafrique have joined forces in 2014 to introduce a new monthly dance party dedicated to African music lovers. The party is hosted in one of New York's newest clubs: The303 at Louie And Chan, a little gem with an intimate feel, a wooden dancefloor and a state-of-the-art sound system, right in the heart of the Lower East Side. Okayafrica x Electrafrique kicks off Saturday, January 11th. For now, grab a copy of DJ Cortega's hourlong warm-up teaser below and scroll on for details on the event.


Carlos Mena, founder of Ocha Records, of BEMBE party fame, who brings 25+ years of experience on the turntables. Through his Ocha Mzansi label and regular show on South Africa's Y FM, he is a key contributor to the continent's music scenes. For more catch this video of Carlos Mena live at last month's Electrafrique in Nairobi.

DJ Cortega, of Electrafrique, who is currently based in Nairobi, where this event has seen massive growth, hosting the likes of Black Motion (South Africa), Boddhi Satva (CAR), Carlos Mena (US), or Renato Xtrova (Angola) for the first time in Kenya.

DJ Underdog, who has been been one of the main Apostles of the Afro-futuristic sound in Washington, DC, and is of course resident spinner of #OKAYAFRICADC. For more from Underdog catch up on the 10th edition of Africa In Your Earbuds.


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