Watch the First Episode of Emtee’s Cooking Show ‘Munchies With The GOAT’

Watch the First Episode of Emtee’s Cooking Show ‘Munchies With The GOAT’

Emtee shares recipes for "munchies, not meals" in his new cooking show.

No one expected it. But, well, a cooking show hosted by Emtee is now a thing that exists. The South African trap god debuted the first episode of the show called Munchies With The GOAT last week. In the first episode, Emtee shares a recipe for a 420 sandwich. After all, the show, as the man says during the episode, is all about sharing recipes for light meals that will come in handy as munchies.

In the episode you'll learn that Emtee likes listening to classical music when he cooks, and that he doesn't like butter much. Emtee is as much of a natural over beats as he is in the kitchen. He looks and sounds comfortable and relaxed as he takes you one step at a time through the making of a 420 cheese and bacon sandwich.

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Munchies With The Goat is a new show created by the South African youth culture website Zkhiphani. "As part of Zkhiphani's rebranding and restructuring, we introduce a new show called Munchies With The GOAT," reads a line from the article introducing the show.

Emtee has been mired in drama in the highly publicized feud between the artist and Ambitiouz Entertainment, the label he was signed to for years. At the height of the feud, a lot of sensitive information was divulged that raised questions and, as one can imagine, dragged both their names in the mud.

It's great to see Emtee portrayed in a positive light after all that. A show that humanizes him couldn't have come at a better time. And, hopefully, new music will follow soon.

Watch the first episode of Munchies With The GOAT below:

How To Make A 420 Sandwich With Emtee Da Hustla | Munchies With The