This New Headwrap Collection From Fanm Djanm Is a Breath of Fresh Air

This New Headwrap Collection From Fanm Djanm Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Fanm Djanm's new collection, 'Sunday Morning Light,' celebrates the beauty of womanhood in the most effortless way.

Fanm Djanm, a leading headwrap and lifestyle brand, shares their newest collection with OkayAfrica to celebrate their third anniversary of empowering and inspiring women to live boldly.

Meaning "strong woman" in Haitian Kreyol, Famn Djanm prides itself of their handmade headwraps made locally in Harlem, where they enforce a zero waste policy via reusing and recycling of fabric. They also support international wholesalers and local entrepreneurs from various African countries with their hand-picked fabrics.

The collection's editorial, Sunday Morning Light, gives us all things effortless black girl magic and the team tells us more about the inspiration when they state:

Sunday Morning Light was inspired by the inherent beauty and softness of womanhood. Paola Mathé, founder of Fanm Djanm, often creates images that teeter between realistic and whimsical, dream-like scenarios; her most recent project, Sunday Morning Light, follows suit. Teacups filled with rose petals, brightly colored macaroons, heart-shaped stickers, and pastels are only a few of the magical pieces that comprise this celebration of womanhood.

Take a look at our favorite images from the editorial, photographed by Mathé, below.