Watch the First Episode of Flame’s Documentary Series ‘Welcome To My Life’

Flame takes fans behind the scenes in his new documentary series.

From interviews to smoking sessions, performances, studio sessions and a visit to the hair salon, Flame gives fans a glimpse into his life and adventures.

The South African hip-hop artist and producer shared the first episode of an ongoing documentary series titled Welcome To My Life. The first episode, which he shared today, shows Flame and his affiliates—the likes of Ecco, Mellow and others—going about their business.

It's only right that Flame shows fans how he lives and what happens behind the scenes. Flame released his critically acclaimed debut albumCandyMan last year, and it was received positively by both fans and his peers. The project featured artists such as Ka$hCPT, Ayanda Jiya, The Big Hash and others.

CandyMan won Flame the Best Freshman and Best Male Artist trophies at the South African Hip Hop Awards last year. It goes without saying that 2019 was an eventful and life-changing year for Flame. Most of the footage on the first episode of Welcome to my Life is from last year.

The documentary was filmed and curated by Larry On Sight and edited by Flame himself while Mellow was the director of photography.

Watch the full first episode of Welcome to my Life below and stream CandyMan underneath: