Niger Electro Synth Composer Hama's Mellow 'Torodi' LP

Niger Electro Synth composer Hama releases his 6-track 'Torodi' LP via Sahel Sounds.

With his Torodi LP, Niger electro synth composer Hama creates a whole factory of sounds with just one instrument: a keyboard. On songs such as the standout "Tagout" and the title track, the Niamey-based musician, who played the melodica before moving onto a synthesizer and Yamaha PSR-64 keyboard, melds drum clasps, electronic scrapes, and wandering keys into mellow swirlsThe album opener "Ataraghine" and closer "Khoumessia," with their ability to turn seemingly contrasting noises (hard percussion, soft keys) into near hypnosis, further show Hama to be a highly deft artist. Such technical virtuosity is all the more impressive since Hama isn't a professional performer, he works as a driver for an expatriate businessman and plays his synthesizer at night. The practice shows, however, as Torodi is a short yet deeply involving and simply pleasant record. Torodi is available for purchase as both a digital download and limited-edition vinyl via Sahel Sounds. For more information on Hama, read this interesting article by Sahel Sounds founder Christopher Kirkley