#ItsBiggerThanAHeadWrap: Students In North Carolina Fight For Their Right To Wear Head Wraps During Black History Month

Students and parents in Durham, North Carolina are demonstrating for the right to wear head wraps in honor of Black History Month.

Source: Instagram user @gemynii

Durham County Public Schools’ dress code policy in North Carolina came into question this week after an incident at the School for Creative Studies, reports WTVD.

A group of students at the Durham magnet school decided to wear African head wraps to kick off celebrating Black History Month, but were instructed to remove them due to the ‘no hats or head coverings’ policy in the school district’s dress code. Parents said the students were threatened with punishment if they continued, however, the school denied the claim.

After meeting with the students, the principal gave permission for the them to wear the head wraps as part of a learning opportunity for the greater school community for their Black History Month programming.

This solution was not enough for the concerned parents. They then held a protest to stress that students should be allowed to wear head wraps beyond the day granted, so they can have the right to always express their culture, history and heritage.

"Our girls should be able to express themselves culturally, regardless of whether it's Black History Month or not," Dosali Reed-Bandele, a parent of a junior at the school, tells WTVD."They should be able to wear their head wraps... It happened to me in high school but I had to stand firm to my principal and say, this is a part of my culture."

Using the hashtag, #ItsBiggerThanAHeadWrap, supporters continued to show solidarity and document the demonstration.

According to a statement WTVD received from Durham County Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Bert L’Homme, L'Homme planned on sharing the parents’ grievances with a committee that looked over revisions to the district’s student conduct code.

The meeting occurred Thursday evening, and according to the minutes of the meeting made available on the official website of the school district, the incident was not raised and the policy did not indicate much change.

Letters of support can be sent to the students here.

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