Okayafrica TV: John Wizards In Cape Town

Okayafrica TV: John Wizards In Cape Town

Watch out exclusive Okayafrica TV episode with Cape Town's John Wizards.

Okayafrica TV caught up with the highly-buzzing Cape Town outfit John Wizards on the heels of the release of their self-titled debut LP. Producer John Withers and Rwandan vocalist Emmanuel Nzaramba led the group's show at Manila Bar, Longstreet in front of  a packed crowd. The band then shed light on their multifaceted sonic  influences — from reggae to rumba. Watch our video with John Wizards below.

Video produced by naasFILMS:

Producer: Candace Gawler

Director: Ian McNair

Videographer: Imraan Christian

Editor: Thor Rixon