Kenzo's New Short Film Is a Celebration of Youth Culture In Nigeria

Kenzo's New Short Film Is a Celebration of Youth Culture In Nigeria

Kenzo takes things to Nsukka, Nigeria for their latest short film, directed by Akinola Davies Jr. and Ruth Ossai.

French luxury house, Kenzo, take their collection to Nigeria in their latest fashion film, "Gidi Gidi Bụ Ugwu Eze" ("Unity Is Strength"). 

The film, directed by Akinola Davies Jr. and Ruth Ossai is the latest in a series of fashion shorts produced by the Parisian brand.

The 6 and-a-half minute video, offers a stylized interpretation of life in the Igbo town of Nsukka in Enugu State, Nigeria, where Ossai's family hails from. The campaign's models were chosen from local school and churches, reports Dazed. The video follows the young men and women as they get their hair done, throw their own beauty pageant, and show off their dance moves.

The clip is a celebration of Nigerian youth and their cultural manifestations. "Young black Nigerian bodies (by) capturing them celebrating Igbo culture and traditions, showing that beauty is always present when there is a commitment to the celebration of culture,” says Davies. 

"Gidi Gidi Bụ Ugwu Eze" is about Nigerians telling their own story. "Your community is (also) your extended family. Our strength coming from utilising one another and trusting each other’s process,” says Davies.

Watch the clip below, via Paper Magazine.