Kobi Onyame's 'Call Out My Name' Video Ft. KOF

Ghanaian emcee/producer, Kobi Onyame, drops visuals for his single 'Call Out My Name' of his 2013-released album 'Glory.'

Ghanaian/UK-based emcee Kobi Onyame gets into his feelings in the video for the latest single off his 2013 sophomore album Glory. The slow-rocking "Call Out My Name" features soulful vocals from Liverpudlian crooner KOF on top of smooth sonic flows that play like a call to early 2000s R&B. The pair tag team on the slow-burning track, Onyame effortlessly flowing on the verses and KOF proclaiming “he’s tired of the faking” in his sultry voice as he takes the chorus. In the accompanying broken-hearted video from the UK's Drew John Barnes, Onyame attempts to sort out his significant other problems as shots cut between his pensive looks out of the car window and the two artists spilling their souls to the camera. All together "Call Out My Name" is an ultra-smooth, heartstrings-pulling composition. Watch the video below and purchase Glory on iTunes here.

>>>Stream Kobi Onyame's Sophomore LP Glory In Full

Photo: Kelenna Ogboso.

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