Kwesta Shares 2 New Singles ‘Njandini’ and ‘The Finesse’ Featuring Riky Rick

Listen to Kwesta's new 2-track EP '2 Skeif' featuring Riky Rick.

For his first two songs of the year, Kwesta returns to an aesthetic he applied in his biggest hits such as "Ngud'," "Spirit" and "Vur Vai."

Just like the songs mentioned above, sonically and stylistically, "Njandini" references 90s kwaito while Kwesta's baritone tells tales from the skreets. You may pick up a subtle Magesh reference in the beginning of the second verse (we won't spoil it for you).

"The Finesse" leans more towards hip-hop, but not without twists—the customary crude bassline that defines modern hip-hop carries Kwesta's sing-songy raps, reminiscent of songs like "Nomayini." Riky Rick appears with a short but effective verse that balances egomania with sprinkles of social commentary.

"Njandini" and "The Finesse" make up an EP titled 2 Skeif. Kwesta last released music towards the end of 2019—the Rick Ross-assisted single "I Came, I Saw."

Kwesta is expected to release DaKAR III, his fourth studio album, the last entry of the DaKAR trilogy. DaKAR II is kwesta's biggest album to date—the 2016 double album came with hit singles such as "Ngud'," "Nomayini," "Day Ones," among others and went on to sell 210,000 copies.

Four years later, Kwesta is still one of the biggest artists in South Africa, and DaKAR III is one of the most anticipated releases of 2020.

Stream 2 Skeif on Apple Music and Spotify.

Kwesta - The Finesse (Official Audio) ft. Riky Rick

Kwesta - Njandini (Official Audio)

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