'Love Island' Makes Oh-So-White Debut in South Africa

'Love Island' Makes Oh-So-White Debut in South Africa

Popular television show 'Love Island' recently debuted on South African screens but fans are appalled by the glaring lack of diversity among contestants.

Popular reality television show Love Island officially debuted on South Africa screens this past Sunday. However, before fans get could get into the drama among the 10 contestants looking for love and the chance to win one million Rands, they were stunned by the glaring lack of diversity of the contestants themselves. Needless to say, the topic has been trending on social media since with criticism directed at M-Net, the channel hosting the television show.

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Love Island is originally a British reality television show which has spinoffs in America, Germany, Australia and several other countries. The show sees the contestants being forced to couple and re-couple whilst undergoing several dates, tasks and challenges, all in the pursuit to avoid being kicked out of the villa in which they're all residing.

Naturally, South Africans were eager to find out just how their spinoff would compare to the original. Excitement quickly turned into disappointment and genuine disbelief.

Here is a brief snippet from the show:

Around the fire – Love Island

In a country where white people account for barely 9 percent of the population, to have only 2 Coloured people and 2 Black people among the contestants is not reflective of the country's reality—at all. While M-Net has not yet responded to the criticism or divulged their casting process, fans had quite a bit to say on their behalf nonetheless. From references to colonisation to the white-only South African town Orania, take a look at some of the hilarious reactions on social media below.