Mehdi Sefrioui's 'Infro' Photographs Inspired By Fashion Industry's Lack Of Diversity

Mehdi Sefrioui's 'Infro' photographs captures an all black male model cast in the outskirts of Paris.

Earlier this week Paris-based (via Morocco) photographer Mehdi Sefrioui debuted his Infro photographs over at Another Africa. Inspired by the fashion industry's lack of diversity (its "pink elephant") and encouraged by Moncler’s black cast of models at their Gamme Rouge SS 2014 show, Sefriou photographed black male models Maël Caloc, Josué Comoe, Joseph Gio Degbadjo, Julio Goba, and Gauderic Vilmare, set against a striking pink-tinted landscape outside of Paris. Sefrioui's photos showcase eye-catching pattern-work from designers including Issey Miyake and Ben Sherman. Take a look at the stunning photo series above and head to Another Africa for more on Mehdi Sefrioui's Infro photos.

Courtesy of Apple Music.

Apple Music Launches 'Oshe Naija' to Celebrate Nigeria's Independence Day

As Nigeria celebrates its 60th year of independence today, Apple Music has launched the month-long 'Oshe Naija' campaign in celebration.

Today marks the 60th anniversary of Nigeria's independence from the British. In recognition and celebration of the day, Apple Music has launched the Oshe Naija (which translates to "Thanks Nigeria" in Yoruba) campaign. The month-long campaign will highlight the West African country's rich musical history as well as that of contemporary music heavyweights from the Afrobeats Hits, Naija Hits, Alte Cruise, Afrobeats Workout playlists and more.
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