Fresh seafood for sale on Moroccan fishing harbour.

Fresh seafood for sale on Moroccan fishing harbour.

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Morocco Seizes 1.37 Tonnes of Cocaine Concealed in Frozen Fish

Authorities unearth massive cocaine stash hidden within frozen fish shipment, continuing the fight against drug trafficking in Morocco.

Moroccan law enforcement officials in Casablanca uncovered a massive drug trafficking operation, as they seized more than one tonne of cocaine cleverly concealed within a shipment of frozen fish. The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) issued a statement on Thursday, underscoring the ongoing investigation into this illicit operation.

The alert that set the wheels in motion came from the owners of businesses distributing imported fish in Casablanca. These business operators became suspicious when they stumbled upon substantial quantities of a mysterious white substance hidden within their fish shipments. The substance raised suspicions of being cocaine, prompting the need for immediate investigation.

Preliminary inquiries quickly revealed that the frozen fish shipment had traversed from Latin America to Spain before making its way to Morocco. The DGSN statement confirmed that this clandestine shipment contained significant quantities of the potent narcotic substance.

The subsequent search and investigation operations took Moroccan police to various locations and warehouses throughout Casablanca. These operations culminated in a remarkable discovery, as the authorities managed to confiscate a staggering 1.37 tonnes of cocaine, dealing a substantial blow to the drug trafficking network.

In light of this discovery, the DGSN has initiated a comprehensive investigation in collaboration with international security cooperation channels. The primary goal of this investigation is to unearth intricate details regarding the origins of the cocaine shipment and the routes it took to infiltrate Morocco.

This recent drug seizure represents a milestone in Morocco's ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking within its borders. As per the 2022 DGSN annual report, the authorities have been making substantial progress. Last year, Moroccan law enforcement confiscated over 190 kilograms of cocaine, marking an 87 percent decline in the quantity seized compared to the previous year. In addition to their success in combating cocaine trafficking, Moroccan police also seized an astonishing 98,500 tonnes of cannabis in 2022, underscoring the nation's determination to eradicate drug-related criminal activities.