Mr Eazi attends the launch of Bang & Olufsen's "See Yourself in Sound" on June 29, 2023 in London, England.

Mr Eazi attends the launch of Bang & Olufsen's "See Yourself in Sound" on June 29, 2023 in London, England.

Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images for Bang & Olufsen.

Mr Eazi Announces Debut Album Release and Premieres New Single "Chop Time, No Friend"

Mr Eazi releases information on his highly anticipated debut album with the premiere of his new single "Chop Time, No Friend", a vibrant fusion of Afrobeats and Ghanaian highlife.

Mr Eazi, the Nigerian-Ghanaian music sensation, is set to drop his highly anticipated debut album on October 27. As a pioneer of the Banku Music sound, he has already released five bodies of work during his illustrious decade-long career, establishing himself as a West African star before Afrobeats gained international acclaim. With hits like "Skin Tight" and "Leg Over," Mr Eazi has become a prominent figure in the genre's globalization, collaborating with artists from the Black and Latin diasporas on songs like "Keys to the Kingdom" and "Como Un Bebé."

The lead single, "Chop Time, No Friend," is a vibrant celebration of self amidst haters and distractions. The track blends the rhythms of Afrobeats with the laid-back vibes of Ghanaian highlife music, showcasing Mr Eazi's signature Banku Music style. Explaining the song's title, he shared its meaning: "When you are eating, you don't think about anybody. You are just focused on your enjoyment."

Produced by Andre Vibez and Ghana's KillBeatz, the song showcases Mr Eazi's resilience and unwavering focus on enjoying his success. The track's playful lyrics convey a message of turning negativity into gold, expressing that no amount of chitchat can trouble him.

The forthcoming album, recorded over two years across multiple locations in Africa and beyond, delves into deeply personal themes of love, betrayal, loneliness, and family. The album is structured into three distinctive acts, allowing Mr Eazi to explore his artistic depth and storytelling abilities.

Notably, Mr Eazi embraces a unique fusion of African music and art in the album's presentation. Each of the 16 tracks is represented by a physical art piece created by visual artists from different parts of the continent. For "Chop Time, No Friend," South Africa-based artist Sinalo Ngcaba crafted the striking artwork, a testament to the album's artistic innovation.

“Inviting artists to create for the album was from my passion for creativity and expression. I formed a true bond with many of my artist friends. The artworks visually unlock the ideas, emotion, and energy within my music,” Mr Eazi said.

Watch the music video for "Chop Time, No Friend," directed by Allison Swank Owen, below.