MUZI Releases ‘Sondela’ Remix Featuring Keys by Chris Martin

Listen to MUZI's 'Sondela Forever' featuring keys by Chris Martin.

"Sondela Forever," the remix to "Sondela" from MUZI's current album ZENO, features keys by Chris Martin. Muzi fell onto Chris Martin's radar after the South African producer and artist released a remix of Coldplay's "Orphans" in 2019.

The Coldplay frontman then sent MUZI a short piano rendition of "Sondela" which is one of his favourite songs on ZENO. MUZI then added vocals and sent the track back to Martin who loved it so much he suggested the song be released.

"Sondela Forever" is a mellow version of "Sondela." The leading piercing pad line is replaced by piano keys and the song is stripped of all its percussion and rhythm.

ZENO is MUZI's sophomore album, a follow-up to his 2018 debut Afrovision. The producer, artist and DJ is one of the country's biggest musical exports as he has forged a career path that extends to other parts of the globe, especially Europe. He is one of the few South African artists who have performed at Afropunk Paris and has been co-signed by the likes of Black Coffee and Stormzy.

In 2020, MUZI will embark on a 3-stop national tour in South Africa, and has performances confirmed for the UK/EU summer season and upcoming shows in North & South America.

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MUZI - SONDELA FOREVER (Official Music Video) youtu.be

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