Here's How Nigerians On Twitter Are Reminiscing About #SecSchoolInNigeria

Nigerians are tweeting about their days in secondary school using the hashtag #SecSchoolInNigeria.

Via @TeeJolz

Searching for some Throwback Thursday inspiration? If you attended secondary school in Nigeria, you're in luck.

Over the weekend, Nigerians on Twitter were talking about what would happen if there were Nigerian students at Hogwarts. This week, Nigerians are reminiscing about their days in secondary school (high school). According to Topsy, the hashtag #SecSchoolInNigeria has sparked more than 193,000 nostalgic tweets in the past 24 hours. From tough teachers to lunchtime politics, here are some of the most hilarious recollections of this shared academic experience.

On sports:

On tough teachers:

On seniors:

On lunchtime:



On teacher's pets:




On punishment: