Photos: A Retrospective Lens on African Fashions

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Often when one thinks of fashion history one never imagines fashion in Africa, which is indeed a shame and a missed opportunity to see regal elegance at its best. It is also a missed opportunity to see what inspires us as Africans today.

In light of the Arise fashion show at NYFW, we decided to delve pictorially into the fashionably African past.

For those of you who are keen on moving images, stay tuned for OKA TV's exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the Arise show.

Photo by Pierre Crom/Getty Images.

Latest Footage Further Reveals Senselessness Behind Lindani Myeni's Death

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The Honolulu Police Department in Hawaii has recently released the graphic body camera footage which captured Lindani Myeni's last moments. The 29-year-old South African man was killed last week by the police in what they have since alleged was a suspected house burglary. However, details around the death of Myeni have been called into question by the public with the latest video evidence failing to provide any reasonable justification for Myeni having been shot to death by police officers.

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