Ice Prince x Sarkodie 'Shots On Shots'

Watch Ice Prince and Sarkodie's music video for the Atlanta trap influenced "Shots On Shots."

Ice Prince and Sarkodie take sonic cues from the ever popular Atlanta trap scene for their booming joint single "Shots On Shots." The Nigerian and Ghanaian star rappers see the track as an opportunity to 'bridge the gap in Africa,' with Ice Prince stating "Why do we have to keep music only within Nigeria, or within Ghana? The beauty of music is in the collaborations. That’s what we are hoping to achieve with this collaboration. It’s something for the fans.” Watch Sarkodie and Ice Prince's bus hangar video for "Shots On Shots" below.

Image by Gareth Jacobs.

A Tribute to Dr Sindi: South Africa's Duchess of Healing, Love and Kindness

The most sincere way to honour Dr Sindi van Zyl's legacy is to pay her kindness forward in exactly the way she did.

South Africans were recently reminded, yet again, of just how much the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to rob us of our loved ones. Dr Sindi van Zyl, beloved medical doctor, social media darling and Kaya FM radio host, succumbed to COVID-19 complications on April 10 after battling the disease for two months in hospital. And while South Africans, and some of her favourite brands, had collectively rallied to raise funds for Dr Sind's medical costs, the outcome was everything we hoped it would not be.

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