Umlilo's Dark Anarcho-Art Performance 'The Elements'

Watch Umlilo's dark anarcho-art performance South African music video for "The Elements"

Umlilo is back with a dark anarcho-art performance video for "The Elements," second track off the Shades of Kwaai EP. Whether you love or hate this avant-garde sound, one cannot deny that Umlilo can make anyone stop and listen. Directed by Jasyn Howes with cinematographer Nic van der Westhuizen and avant-garde make-up artist Charli JVR, this empowering anthem showcases Umlilo’s own leanings through movement and style. Watch it below.

Still taken from music video on YouTube.

Sun-El Musician Releases Accompanying Visuals for 'Ubomi Abumanga'

Watch the new music video for Sun-El Musician and Msaki's Xhosa number 'Ubomi Abumanga'.

Sun-El Musician has dropped the new music video for his Xhosa number with Msaki, "Ubomi Abumanga" (translates to "life doesn't stop" from Xhosa). The track was released as a single in May of last year and now features on his sophomore album, To the World & Beyond. The music video, which attempts to convey the hopeful message of the song, has already clocked close to 800 thousand views on YouTube and counting.
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