Video: Looking at the Roots of IsiPantsula Culture Through Some of Its Leading Voices

This new video shows us why South African Pantsula is much more than just a dance move.

Pantsula is more than just a dance, it's a cultural movement and it's being revived through enthusiastic South African youth.

In a new video, we explore IsiPantsula, and how it's come to be an identity, and form of self expression for people in South African townships. We also get to dive into its unique history, dating back to the 1950s when it sprung up as a means of resistance against apartheid-era laws.

The movement has blossomed into a way of life for many, impacting the way they dress, speak and define themselves.

The importance of the culture can be summed up in this quote towards the end of the video: "Pantsula it means black, it means South African."

Get familiar with IsiPantsula through the video below.


Videographer/Editor: Chris Kets

Producer: Chika Okoli