Sufyvn's Mixtape Takes You Through Different Eras Of Sudanese Music

Sufyvn's Mixtape Takes You Through Different Eras Of Sudanese Music

A couple of months ago we introduced you to Sufyvn, the Khartoum-based producer transforming vintage Sudanese cassettes into some of the best beats we’ve heard this year.

Since we were so enthralled by his productions, we asked Sufyvn to take the helm on a new installment of our Africa In Your Earbuds series.

For his mix, the skillful beat maker takes listeners through a 40-minute lesson on Sudan’s musical history, ranging from vintage sounds to present popular songs.

"Sudanese music has always been very diverse throughout the years,” Sufyvn tells Okayafrica, “which is a direct reflection of the country's accumulating heritage, and Khartoum being [a] melting pot, as well as the presence of external influences. It’s natural for artists to present a colorful mix of different styles in their work.”

“In this mix, I tried my best to include a wide range of some of my favorite tones from different parts of the country. It starts with older songs, and gradually moves to newer ones as the mix goes, and ends with one of my own beats."

Hear Sufyvn’s all-Sudanese Africa In Your Earbuds mixtape and see the full track list below.

Track List

Hamad Al Rayah - Shahr, Shahrein

Mohamad Merghany - Geib Alai

Abu Obaida Hassan - Sayed Albalad

Salah Ibn Albadya - Washwashni Al Abeer

Sharhabeel Ahmad - Lessa Ma Arfeen

Abd El Azim Harakah - Ana A'ayyan

Abdel Gadir Salim - Quidrechinna

Hamad Al Rayah - Shalo Alkalam

Sinkane - Warm Spell

Alsarah & The Nubatones - Nuba Noutu

Sufyvn - Careless

Cover artwork by Underdog.