You Need To Hear This Incredible Guitar Playing From Botswana

Here's a style of guitar playing from Botswana that you've probably never seen before.

In a Youtube clip that's been viewed over a million times, Ronald "Ronnie" Moipolai can be seen playing a guitar from above the neck, fastly plucking away at the uncharacteristically four-stringed instrument, even hitting the guitar's body to create some sounds.

The resulting groove, called 'Botswana Music Guitar,' has traits of Congolese Rumba, South African Zulu Mbaqanga and the Zimbabwean guitar masters.

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Mpho Sebina. Image courtesy of the artist.

11 Musicians From Botswana To Watch This Year

Featuring Biscuithead, Sasa Klaas, Motswafere, A.T.I, Takunda, Mpho Sebina and many more.

I'll be the first to admit that music journalism is virtually non-existent in Botswana. No one wants to pay creatives to do anything here, hell, even just getting a press pass is nearly-impossible. By now, we young creatives have all been around and grew up with each other that there's so much strife at this point it can be hard to be objective and open.

Looking beyond that though, I dug into my vast well of knowledge, precious intuition and tender (read: petty) heart to bring you this list and I must say, I can neither confirm nor deny whether it's in any particular order.

The following artists are mostly hip-hop oriented with a mix of neo-soul and well, a dab of obscure genres we're yet to really name. It was important for me to keep the list focused on the youth. So here are the top 11 (numerology experts will tell you this is a power/angel number, so y'all will definitely be blessed on some level) list of artists to watch from Botswana this year.

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