Photo courtesy of Comoe Josué.

Comoe Josué Is the Art School Dropout Using Painting to Rekindle His True Self

The Ivorian-Ghanaian former model refuses the fashion industry to put him in a box—and he wants his work to reflect that.

A few months ago, Comoe Josué, a Paris-based model and painter, posted his art on Twitter with hopes that he will get the opportunity to get his first show in an art gallery. The post went viral and a few weeks later, his artwork was exhibited at the prestigious Palais des Arts in Marseille, France.

Josué is not your ordinary painter—he's an art school drop out who started painting 4 months ago and works on and off as a model for the past few years. "My work as a model cannot exist without [my] work as a painter," he says, "but my art will exist with or without modeling." Because he left art school, his formal training was minimal. As a self taught artist, technique doesn't really matter to him. Before he began to paint, he says he needed mature and to live his life as a black man—as a man full stop—so that he would get enough experience to create and express his most intimate feelings.

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