Interview: From Investment Banking to Nollywood, Desmond Ovbiagele Goes For Broke

We talk to the director behind The Milkmaid, Nigeria's entry for the 2021 Oscars' Best International Feature Film.

The Nigeria Official Selection Committee announced the choice of the insurgency thriller, The Milkmaid as the country's submission in the Best International Feature Film category of the 2021 Oscars.

Directed by Desmond Ovbiagele, 48, an investment banker turned filmmaker, The Milkmaid—a gorgeously shot exploration of war and the humanitarian crisis that follows- however hit a few bumps on its way to securing this achievement.

The film, Ovbiagele's sophomore effort following 2014's clunky action thriller, Render to Caesar, was temporarily prevented from screening publicly within the country by the National Film and Video Censor's Board, the regulatory body for film and video content. The agency was concerned with some aspects of the film's content, especially regarding the depiction of religion and asked that some edits be made before approval could be issued.

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