The Power of Social Media and The African Diaspora

Africans across the world organized themselves into becoming reliable resources for African students stranded in war-torn Ukraine to depend on - as their home embassies suggested "staying calm".

While the world came to the aid of war-torn Ukraine, African students stranded across the Eastern European country have been forced to fend for themselves and organize via social media and texting apps."Sit tight, and stay calm," – arguably one of the worst things to hear when facing a life-threatening event. And yet, this is the extent of the advice afforded to the students by their home embassies in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, last month. But, as the world watched in horror with each panicked tweet, like, and share circulated on our screens, Africans living across the globe did not hesitate to recognize the gravity of the circumstances and act accordingly, coming to the aid of the students -- some as young as 17-years-old.

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Photo: Jacqueline Loaiza.

DJ Juba's ‘Assurance’ Podcast Focuses On Female DJs in the Global South

The project is a follow-up to her documentary which follows the experiences of female DJs in Nigeria.

The new Assurance Podcast is a follow-up to Juba's documentary, also titled Assurance. The 35-minute long documentary took an in-depth look at the experiences of three Lagos-based DJs: Sensei Lo, DJ Yin and DJ Ayizan. In her new podcast series, Juba directs this conversation to women DJs across the Global South.

"Last year I released 'Assurance' a documentary that I made about the experiences of female DJs in Nigeria and the obstacles that they face both on and off the dancefloors of Lagos," she tells OkayAfrica, "After its release, I realized that there were so many other stories to explore and I wanted to continue the conversations that were started with the first documentary."

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