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7 Lessons Learned from Dapper Dan’s GTBank Fashion Weekend Masterclass

The Harlem fashion icon drops serious gems on building a luxury brand, connecting with his blackness during his travels around the continent and more.

GTBank Fashion Weekend not only served fresh street style and emerging fashion on the runway, but also provided the opportunity for fashion industry hopefuls and veterans to take the time to learn from the best in the business. One of whom is a living legend—Dapper Dan. The man who redefined high fashion and has been immortalized through numerous rap songs was the perfect speaker to give a masterclass on "Making A Fashion Statement."

Wearing a green jacket, green shoes and his signature Green Gucci aviators, capped off with a cravat on a white shirt and beige pants, we were clearly in the right room. The fashion icon took some time to share tales from his illustrious past, styling the likes of Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, Aaliyah, P. Diddy, Floyd Mayweather and many more.

Here are the seven lessons we learned from his masterclass.

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Photo courtesy of GTBank Fashion Weekend.

In Conversation: Omar Salam of Sukeina Wants Women to Realize Their Limitless Power Through His Designs

We caught up with the Senegalese designer to dig into his most recent time in Lagos, his upcoming menswear collection and more.

This year's GTBank Fashion Weekend attracted numerous personalities in the world of fashion for a weekend of interactive masterclasses, runway shows and fashion retail in the heart of Lagos. We got to chat with Omar Salam, the Senegalese-born fashion designer and pioneer of Sukeina—a clothing line which aims to change the conversations happening in the world of fashion.

In the conversation below, we learn about his journey with Sukeina thus far, as well as Salam's plans for the future in womenswear and menswear, his little list of brand loyalists and his time in the exciting city of Lagos.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

Baingor Joiner for OkayAfrica: How did you venture into fashion?

Omar Salam: Early on I was just mesmerized and fascinated by the power of communication and telling stories. I thought the way I was going to do storytelling at that time was through screenwriting. I went to college at Old Dominion in the state of Virginia, where I was in a screenwriting program for two years. It was after my program that I realized the highest form of communication wasn't verbal, but really in how one was perceived prior to even speaking. I started being very interested in the power of dressing as a way of addressing. I came back to New York and enrolled at Parson's School of Design—and that's how I started my program in fashion in the year 2005 or 2006. I'm bad with numbers, I count ruffles.

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Photo by Stephen Tayo.

In Photos: Nigerians Show Off Their Hip & Individual Style at GTBank Fashion Weekend

Nigerian photographers Stephen Tayo and Baingor Joiner took to the premier fashion event to capture top-notch Lagos street style.

Lagos was once again a hub for all things African style during the 2018 GTBank Fashion Weekend. The event not only highlights designers from the continent and the diapsora to watch—but also provides a space for discussing the business side of the industry, especially in Nigeria's ever-growing fashion market.

While GTBank Fashion Weekend was flooded with stylish Africans who strutted their hip looks in between programming and presentations, we had Nigerian photographers and artists Stephen Tayo and Baingor Joiner capture a glimpse of Lagos street style for OkayAfrica.

"GTB Fashion Weekend was filled with so much color by young people," Tayo shares with us. "They are channeling so much freedom in expressing themselves and fusing style from all perspectives."

Joiner's goal was to capture each subject's individual essence. "My aim was to capture a range of styles that struck me as African, colorful, exciting and personal," he says. "Individuals with a strong sense of identity showed that through their way of dressing."

Take a look at the street style coming out of GTBank Fashion Weekend below.

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