Kamau: Picture by Arturo Olmos.

KAMAU Is The Quiet Warrior Making Otherworldly Music

A candid conversation with the Brooklyn based artist, KAMAU, during his first trip to Kenya.

"Would you like some tea?" he offers as we sit at a hotel in Nairobi's plush Westlands district. After delivering an electrifying performance at Thrift Social on Saturday night, KAMAU is surprisingly uneager to take part in any tourist activities while he's here.

"I'm still in transit, going from place to place. It's like a huge amount of processing that's happening right now. I'm not a tourist here, this is my house," he says.

It seems only right for him to begin his African experience in Kenya, the country in which his first name originates from. KAMAU is an aKikuyu name which means "quiet warrior" and as a kid he got frequently teased because of it. While his two other names Mbonisi and Kwame demonstrate his parents' desire to keep him close to the continent, his heritage actually traces back to an assortment of West African tribes like the Tikar of Cameroon and Kru of Liberia.

His latest project, TheKAMAU-CASSETTE:ŭRTH Gōld. is an enthralling and wholesome series exploring various themes of social consciousness, spirituality and love. His music doesn't always conform to genre-tags but this album is lush and soulful when compared to his more hip-hop leaning, A Gorgeous Fortune, EP which was released in 2015.

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