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Anti-Muslim Hate Overwhelmed on Social Media by #LoveAMuslimDay and #WeStandTogether

The #PunishAMuslimDay campaign was drowned out today by anti-hate campaigners.

A cryptic campaign meant to scare British Muslims into expecting Islamophobic violence on April 3rd has been largely drowned out by messages of support and solidarity.

Back in mid-March, BBC News reported political leaders, particularly Labour Members of Parliament, received packages which contained suspicious liquid and flyers for "Punish A Muslim Day." The flyer gives today, April 3rd's date as the failed "established" day, and includes a point system guide on how to participate. These flyers, as well as social media posts and videos invoking anti-muslim hate crimes, originated from the UK, but have been taken seriously by some authorities in the U.S as well.

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