'Same Love' In Kenya: The Cover Of Macklemore’s Gay Rights Anthem That Sparked A National Conversation

Here's what you need to know about the Kenyan cover of Macklemore’s "Same Love" that has Kenyan censors up in arms.

Last month the rapper Macklemore and his bandleader, the Kenyan-born trumpet player Owuor Arunga, were at a soundcheck somewhere in England when the conversation turned to the state of LGBT rights in East Africa. A cover of their 2012 gay rights anthem, “Same Love," was suddenly at the heart of a nationwide discussion over LGBT rights in Kenya, and the video was blowing up.

“Ben [Macklemore] is the one that showed me the song," Arunga tells Okayafrica, of how he found out about the Kenyan version. “He was picking my brain about it, trying to get a feel for what Kenya was like." Their conversation was not unlike thousands of others prompted by the YouTube video that has Kenyan censors up in arms.

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