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MTV Postpones MAMAs Amid Report Detailing Bobi Wine's Abuse

The award show, set to be hosted in Kampala, Uganda, has been cancelled after a series of onslaughts against the opposition leader.

MTV and MTV Base have officially postponed this years MTV African Music Awards show, after an online campaign urged the music giant to reconsider supporting the Ugandan government. Said government has been under fire for the appallingly public abuse against opposition leader and former musician Bobi Wine.

The presidential candidate said during a news conference on Thursday, "It was painful to see MTV was being used to sanitize the oppressive regime here in Uganda. I am glad MTV is also seeing it and acting in respect of all the rights of artists. It would be such a shame for the MTV Music Awards to be held in Uganda under gunpoint."

While Wine hasn't explicitly been named as the sole reason behind the postponement, the recent online demand to cancel the show and acknowledge the arguably criminal offences against him, his family and staff could not have been ignored. Additionally, Wine's legal team released a 50-page report detailing the abuses, human rights violations and wrongdoings in response to his presidential candidacy. Said report has also been shared with the European Union, the European Council, the US Department of State and foreign ministries of the UK, France, Australia and several others.

Bobi took to Twitter recently, after being released from house arrest and social media being reinstated in Uganda, to condemn the Uganda government and the ill treatment of so many Ugandans.

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MTV has not commented on why the show has been postponed.

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Opinion: The MTV MAMAs Shouldn't Be Happening in Uganda

"How can MTV and Viacom executives, who claim to be supportive of Black Lives Matter, now look the other way when those lives are African?"

Dr. Vincent Magombe is a Ugandan journalist, broadcaster and university lecturer.

Last week, MTV officially announced that its 2021 Africa Music Awards, the MAMAs, would be held in Uganda on February 20. The event, which has been planned in coordination with Uganda's tourism ministry, is being advertised alongside the hashtag #VisitUganda. If Uganda were free, it would be welcome news. But just as the MTV announcement was made, Uganda's most popular politician, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi, better known as Bobi Wine, was under house arrest, having dared to challenge Uganda's long-ruling dictator, Yoweri Museveni, in a recently concluded presidential election.

Most Ugandans believe that Bobi Wine was the clear winner of those elections, and that Museveni is once again forcefully imposing himself on Ugandans after 35 years in power. If allowed to stand, this will be Museveni's sixth consecutive term in office. There is growing evidence that a large number of Ugandans may be prepared, this time round, to resist Museveni assumption of power, in spite of the obvious dangers posed to them by Museveni's ruthless military forces, in particular the so-called Special Forces Command which takes its orders directly from Museveni's son Muhoozi Kaneirugaba.

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