Photo: Umar Faruq Akinwunmi @alfaruqstories.

Breaking Down Nigeria's #EndSARS Protests and How You Can Help

Across Nigeria, protests have erupted in Lagos, Delta, Abuja, Rivers States and more are still currently organized all to protest the ongoing brutality of the police unit known as SARS.

"We were met with a barricade of armed men and tankers on our way to the office." Conrad Omodiagbe, a 26-year-old writer living in Abuja tells OkayAfrica. "Upon seeing this, we immediately got on our knees to show that despite everything, we came in peace. These men—uniformed police men and not just members of the SARS unit—hosed us down with hot water, fired shots of tear gas into our midst and chased us around town with their vans and guns. It almost felt like a movie. I run a lot but omo it's a different thing when you have to run for your life because there's an actual gun tailing you. I saw them beat several people including a teenage girl with canes."

Omodiagbe was among a group of people who marched to headquarters of the Police Force in Nigeria to protest against the ongoing brutality from SARS—Special Anti-Robbery Unit Squad, a unit of the police that has grown particularly notorious for extorting, harassing and even murdering Nigerian youths. When these groups convened at the headquarters, they were met with large groups of armed men who fired water canons and teargas at them forcing them to run and scatter. When they reconvened, the police fired gun shots at them. The groups scattered and still reconvened, placards in hand and #EndSARS on their lips.

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