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10 Reasons Why Tamale Is The Music Capital of Ghana

The city of Tamale combines culture and tradition with the contemporary to produce an unexpected urban musical space, demonstrating time and again that it's the music capital of Ghana.

The growth of contemporary music in Tamale drew directly from tradition with the likes of Sirina Issah, Sherif Ghale, Mr. Razak, Abu Sadick, and Mama Rams, taking from their socio-cultural and religious positions to feed the essence of their music. The story of Tamale music is incomplete without the Blackstone duo, one of the first groups to gain popularity nationally with their "Be Fe Mano" and "N'Yura" songs.

Though contemporary music has existed for decades, the industry saw an explosion in the early 2000s when artists dabbled in genres beyond what had been built by pioneering artists. Today, Tamale's music industry is an interesting blend of music and musicians from various backgrounds, with most of the music production done in the city. The regional capital, Tamale, was one of the first cities to host a regional music award show, which inspired others to follow suit.

Earlier this year, we introduced you to some of the musicians in the Northern Region. Let's learn more about what makes one of Ghana's biggest cities the music capital of the country, despite music giants like Maccasio being snubbed for nominations in major categories at the Ghana Music Awards slated for this year.

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