Interview: A Look Into the World of Wendy Shay

We speak to Ghanaian star Wendy Shay about her music career, female empowerment, and why she's not interested in titles.

Singer Wendy Shay is the hottest female artist in Ghana right now. Since her announcement at the Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) in April 2018 and the release of her debut single ''Uber Driver'' two months later, Shay shot straight to the mainstream and has consistently delivered hit after hit till date.

The circumstances of her introduction into the music scene were undeniably controversial. Wendy Shay was introduced as one of two artists during the 2018 VGMA Awards ceremony by her manager and Ruff Town Records CEO Bullet, at a time where the nation was still mourning the tragic loss of the beloved singer Ebony Reigns. The move by her management was deemed by many as insensitive. The moment also distracted from the coronation of Ebony Reigns as the '2018 Artiste of the Year.' This singular action, albeit unintended, has adversely affected the general public's perception of her as an individual, as well as Ghanaian music fans' reception of her as an artist.

Any other musician at her level of artistry would definitely be lauded in today's music scene as one of the best to do it. But due to the underlying circumstances, Wendy Shay isn't really accorded that recognition befitting her status in the industry. While some people have declined to take a liking to Shay's person due to the circumstances around her introduction, or are averse to her person due to her cocksure, outspoken nature and bold antics, there is one thing no one has been able to complain about: the music.

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