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Op-Ed: Laying Bare South Africa's 'White Lie'

There are many persecuted minorities in the world—white South Africans are certainly not one of those.

For years, and particularly in the last five years, there has been a push through the media by white South Africans to present themselves to the international community as a persecuted minority and one whose persecution has been heightening. The narrative that there has been an ongoing "white genocide" taking place in South Africa has been gaining worrying traction with various governments from the West responding to this false and dangerous claim. Frankly speaking, this claim would be hilarious, given its ludicrousness, were it not so devastating for a majority-Black country barely recovering from decades of racial segregation at the hands of an Apartheid regime whose legacy still lives on today in egregious ways.

At a time when Black people around the world, minorities and otherwise, have been leading massive movements against police brutality, systemic racism, human rights violations and corrupt governments, it is vital to dispel dangerous notions of white South Africans being a persecuted minority when the reality is the exact opposite.

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Australia What Are You Doing?—There is No White Genocide in South Africa

Yes, radical land redistribution is needed in South Africa and no, white farmers are not more at risk than anyone else.

On Sunday, a large crowd marched in Brisbane Australia to show their solidarity with the white farmers allegedly being "massacred" at the hands of black South Africans.

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