BLK JKS: The Country Wrote A Song; The People Sang It

Watch South African group BLK JKS perform lives in an episode of Pitch Perfect on The FADER.

In this beautifully-filmed-and-edited episode of Pitch Perfect, The FADER and Nike Sportswear follow South African group BLK JKS back to SA where they perform and have a release party for their new EP, Zol!which is in stores now. "The background song playing throughout the clip is a song of revolution and freedom," comments guitarist Mpumi Mcata. According to Mcata, the BLK JKS have a greater agenda for African Music - their music is raw, dirty, gritty, full of mistakes and natural music that the people need to hear. Watch above.

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Photo by RODGER BOSCH/AFP via Getty Images

South African Queer Activists Occupy Cape Town Mansion

A South African queer activist group has taken over a Cape Town mansion to protest lack of adequate housing and land rights in South Africa.

A queer activists group, under the name Coloured Mentality, has taken over a Cape Town mansion in a wealthy area of Camps Bay. The group consists of seven coloured, queer artists. According to EWN Coloured Mentality's actions are a form of protest to highlight the wealth inequality in South Africa, mostly inadequate housing and lack of land rights for Blacks.

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