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TSA, ByLwansta and Spoek Mathambo’s New Song Is Fire

An unexpected collaboration that is nothing but fire flame emojis.

Spoek Mathambo gets to trade bars with two young rappers, TSA and ByLwansta, on the song "Ten Fold" by TSA.

Over a full customary off-key bassline, as heard on your favorite trap bangers, the three rappers spaz and let you know where their heads are at, with matching skills and bravado.

TSA raps, "I just wanna inspire the youth/ make'em worship the truth," while ByLwansta reminds us that he's okay with being an independent artist. He raps, "Let me tell you something that you already know/ or let me tell you something that I've told you a couple times/ In case you forgot that I'm not fucking unsigned, bitch, I'm independent, get it right."

Spoek Mathambo, in his coherent verse, talks about the fake lives lead by some of the people we look up to.

"Ten Fold" is solid. It's an unexpected collaboration from artists of different styles and backgrounds. And we are so here for it.

Photo by Meztli Yoalli Rodríguez

Dying Lagoons Reveal Mexico’s Environmental Racism

In the heart of a traditionally Black and Indigenous use area in Southwest Mexico, decades of environmental destruction now threatens the existence of these communities.

On an early morning in September 2017, in a little fishing village in the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, called Zapotalito, thousands of dead fish floated on the surface of the Chacahua-Pastoría lagoons. A 7.1-magnitude earthquake, which rattled Mexico City on September 19, was felt as far down as Zapotalito, and the very next morning, its Black, Indigenous and poor Mestizo residents, who depend on the area's handful of lagoons for food and commerce, woke up to an awful smell and that terrible scene of floating fish.

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