Sheng’ and the City: The Shared Fortunes of Nairobi, It’s Language and the Hardest Working Man in Kenyan Rap

For the originator of genge, Kenyan gangster rap, staying relevant means adapting to the times while ruthlessly maintaining authenticity.

KENYA—Over a Keggah beat, Jua Cali, the city’s biggest rapper welcomes visitors to Nairobi in the self-confident, cheeky banter the city is known for.

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Tarnished Glory: Kenya’s Sporting Nightmare

Kenyan athlete's managed to win a record number of medals at Rio 2016 despite a complete breakdown at the administrative level.

For two years between 2013 and 2015, artists Wambui Kamiru-Collymore and Xavier Verhoest criss-crossed Kenya in search of perspectives on national identity in a country still smarting from the wounds of two highly divisive and violent elections. The resulting project “Who I am, Who We Are” contains testimony from Kenyans on various backgrounds on what makes them feel included and excluded from the national identity, in both prose and art*. One of the critical chapters in the resulting text includes observations on what makes the identity “Kenyan” includes the observation:

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