bean porridge recipe

Video: Learn How to Make One-Pot Bean Porridge With This Recipe

A simple, super easy way to make bean porridge—all in one pot.

During the month of November, OkayAfrica will celebrate and highlight all things African food.

In this new video, you'll learn how to make a hearty and simple bean porridge recipe—all in one pot.

Watch below with the recipe to follow.


1 ½ honey beans

4 cups water


¼ palm oil

½ onions

½ tomato stew

1 tbsp ground pepper

1 stock cube

1 tsp salt


Soak beans in water for an hour

Add soaked beans in pot with 4 cups of water. Leave to soften for 35-50mins.

tip* you can use a spoon to press the bean to the pot, if it squishes easily, it's ready.

Add in palm oil, onions, tomato stew, ground pepper, stock cube and salt.

Leave to boil until reduced

Serve with dinner rolls


Editor: Kanil Ward

Producer: Chika Okoli