Waju's 'If U Wanna' Is the Coolest Track & Video You'll Come Across This Week

Waju's 'If U Wanna' Is the Coolest Track & Video You'll Come Across This Week

The LA-born rapper of Nigerian-Sierra Leonean background has a style reminiscent of 90s New York hip-hop.

Waju is an LA-born and raised rapper who was born to a Sierra Leonean-Nigerian father and an African-American mother.

His style is reminiscent of 90s New York hip-hop, it builds on laid-back backpack deliveries over mellow boom bap production.

His latest single “If U Wanna” is a pure eargasm—the rapper’s a pleasure to listen to—he’s technically correct, sounding at home over a warm humming bass line.

On the song, he talks about being at peace with oneself. “First of, we gotta set the tone right/ And stop thinking ‘bout the things you don’t like/ Just focus on everything you do like/ Let’s take it up, I think we can reach a new height,” he raps. VocalistPhantom Thrett adds to the song’s soulful tendency with background vocals on the hook.

The single's video, which we are premiering here, sees the rapper go about his day-to-day activities, but with a few twists – he seems to be possessed, and his hands control him. It’s one of those videos that are up to the viewer’s interpretation, but take it from us, it’s well worth your time.

When Waju’s LP Juicebox, which is a collaboration with LA-based producer Huss, drops, you’ll be the first to know.

Watch the video for “If U Wanna” above, and keep up with Waju on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud.

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