Riky Rick Finally Explains What Happened to Riky
Riky Rick. Photo by Sabelo Mkhabela.

Riky Rick explains his line "What happened to Riky is the same thing that happened to 50."

South African rapper Riky Rick has finally explained his cryptic line: "What happened to Riky? What happened to Riky is the same thing that happened to 50," from Cassper Nyovest's 2016 single "Le Mpitse," in which he is featured.

The line was a response to a rhyme by Stogie T (then Tumi Molekane) on the song "Way It Go" (2015) by DJ Switch. T on his verse revealed that people kept asking why Riky had left Motif Records, the label headed by Tumi, which Riky was signed to for a brief moment.

When "Le Mpitse" came out, fans on Twitter kept asking what was it that had happened to both Riky and 50 Cent. Did King Kotini also take nine shots, too?

Tumi explained his line on the song "Clean Stuff," rapping, "So what happened to Riky? It's the same thing that happened to Reason/ He was touched by a god, I gave him the plate, now he eating."

Explaining the 50 comparison during his unplugged performance on 5FM, Riky said:

"I need to explain that line 'cause I said 'what happened to Riky?' They say they are still waiting to hear what happened to Riky. The same thing that happened to 50… so when 50 Cent came out, you have to understand he was in two record labels, two deals, and for him to get out of those deals, people were pressing him to pay money. And I was in the same situation; I had to pay my way out of my first record deal. And I paid my way out of it. But what happened after that was the biggest blessing because I thought I had lost money, but really I gained money by going independent. So that's what happened to Riky, that's what happened to 50. That's what that verse was about."

You can listen to Riky's whole performance on 5FM here, it's totally worth it.