Promotional image for 'Don't Get Used to This' by WurlD.​
Promotional image for 'Don't Get Used to This' by WurlD.

WurlD Shares 'Don't Get Used to This' EP

WurlD shares his latest musical creation, the Don't Get Used to This EP, taking listeners on a captivating journey of artistic evolution.

Nigerian artist WurlD presents Don't Get Used To This, an EP that highlights his ongoing transformation as a vocalist, lyricist, and aesthetic trailblazer. This latest drop comes on the heels of the debut of the EP's lead single, "Shake," which premiered on Wednesday on Apple Music's "The Dotty Show."

WurlD seamlessly blends the infectious beats of Afrobeats with the compelling songwriting and soaring vocal harmonies of soul and R&B, creating a genre he aptly calls Afrosoul. Recognized as a true visionary and unique talent, WurlD's Don't Get Used To This stands out as his most rhythmically cohesive project to date, drawing inspiration from the pulsating heartbeat of Lagos, Nigeria, where he has recently chosen to reside. The EP marks his inaugural release under Addictive Content, a newly established imprint designed to spotlight the evolving sounds and emerging talents within the African music scene.

Eschewing guest features and entrusting production to a cadre of burgeoning, lesser-known producers, WurlD allows his crisp melodies and commanding hooks to take center stage across the eight-track collection. Serving as his fifth project in as many years and following up on 2022's "My World With U," "Don't Get Used To This" unveils a global sound that transcends conventional labels and geographical boundaries.

"Shake," produced by Anne "Ketta" Telstra and Moussa, captivates with its infectious blend of South African amapiano's 'log drum' basslines, the syncopated rhythms of Afrobeats, and the atmospheric horn samples characteristic of deep/downtempo house. WurlD's impassioned pleas for intimacy find a rich backdrop in this lush musical landscape.

Explaining the ethos behind Don't Get Used To This, WurlD shares, "It's a love project centered on embracing the present moment. We dive into the depth of feelings and emotions experienced in the here and now, without dwelling on the past or anticipating the future. While this love is undeniably enchanting, we remember that tomorrow remains uncertain. Enjoy these sounds but don't get used to it."

Listen to the project below.

Don't Get Used To This