A Plea for the Living and Unborn: Reflections On an Abortion

A father-to-be reflects on asking his partner to get an abortion she didn't want and wonders what could have been.

Dear beloved,

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Arts + Culture

African Hardcore: Behind the Continent's Porn Explosion

From Mapona to Afrocandy, African porn is just taking off. We look at who's making it and, more importantly, who is watching it.

When I was barely a teenager, I found a stash of old porno magazines in my house. I ripped out some of the pages and used them for months to stimulate my sexual curiosity. When my mother eventually found them, she gave me a proper hiding. There was never an open door for us to discuss my sexual urges—something which, when I later spoke with friends, I found out was pretty much the norm. For many young men of my generation, our sex lives began with a dirty American magazine mistakenly passed down from an elder.

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How I Found Black Queer Love In A Heterosexual Society

I didn't expect to fall in love with a woman, but I did. Does that make me a lesbian? Bi-Sexual? Or something else entirely?

I was often told that university is where I’d meet the man I’d spend the rest of my life with. If anyone had told me that I’d fall deeply in love with another woman, I would have laughed at them. From the time we are young, we are taught who we are allowed to love and what kind of love is ‘normal’ resulting in a one dimensional view of what romantic love is supposed to be like.

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