African Designers Rocked It At 'London Collections: Men'

We focus on the African designers at London Collections: Ment — Agi & Sam, Adrien Sauvage and Casely & Hayford.

London Collections: Men A/W 14 were held from January 6th to January 8th in three different locations around London: The Hospital Club, The Old Sorting Office, and Victoria House, WC2. Amongst 130 designers who were present on the runway, three were of African descent: Agi & Sam (Tanzania), Adrien Sauvage (Ghana) and Casely & Hayford (Ghana). As a whole, most collections were surprisingly wearable — there were no 'runway bold' pieces that no one could wear. We could envision the average person enjoying the trendy outfits and tailoring that was presented. As to our three designers, they unveiled three beautiful collections that are strong, classy and contemporary. The duo Agi & Sam was as rich as it was diverse featuring collages, oversized pieces, and round headpiece for the young, fashion-conscious modern man. Adrien Sauvage was explosive as usual, presenting well-tailored garments accompanied with bright-patterned jackets and some warm, oversized-coats. Despite always being on the cutting-edge of fashion Sauvage knows how to stay accessible. And last but not least, the successful collaboration Casely & Hayford presented bolder garments and fashionable outfits for all to see. They focused on graphics, lines, and structure with hints of colors. This edition was definitely a great one : it showed how fashion could be edgy and trendy while being wearable and fashionable. If you want to talk about it, tweet @okayafrica with #londoncollectionsmen.
Photo: Kelenna Ogboso.

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